Software Localisation

    Software localisation is also part of our services!

    What’s the difference between the normal kind of translation and localisation?

    While translation as such concentrates on the finished source text, localisation edits binary codes directly. Localisation takes place during the developmental stage of the software already. This guarantees the simultaneous introduction of the end-product in many different countries.

    How is your software localised?

    Not only are your computer games, e-learning programmes or websites translated in a culture-specific way, there is also an adequate modification of the user interface.

    As the process of software localisation poses special problems we use appropriate translation tools. Once the strings to be translated are rendered adequately in the target language, the user interface corresponds with the original in all respects. Now people in other countries can use and enjoy the software without the need to learn a new language.

    Just take a look!

    Below you see some of the buttons of a certain software prior to the localisation.

    And now the same buttons after the localisation.

    Depending on your needs we can use your internal terminology or the official Microsoft terminology.

    The conquering of new markets abroad is just around the corner! Do not wait any longer. This is an investment well worth making!

    Any further questions?

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