Our rates

    The rates of a translation depend on a number of different factors such as the language combination, the difficulty of the text as well as the specialist area.

    Calculation of the costs for translations

    The cost of a translation is calculated on the number of words or lines of 55 characters including spaces. Our minimum rate based on words is 0.12 euros, for a line 1.00 euro. For more difficult texts requiring a lot of research or specialist knowledge the rates could go up to as much as 0.22 euros for a word or 3.00 euros per line or more in exceptional cases.


    On request we will be delighted to prepare a Quote for your translation. In order to do so we need your text or document. If possible, please send a copy of your original(s) in electronic form by email. However, we also accept faxes or your documents by post. We guarantee that we will firmly respect the end price of the quote without any further charges.

    Standard rates for certain documents

    For single-page documents such as birth certificates, university degrees or transcripts we offer a standard rate. Further details upon request.


    If not otherwise agreed we deliver your translation(s) in the same format as the original, by email, postal letter or both.

    Minimum order

    Our current minimum order is 28.00 EUR or the equivalent in US dollars or British pounds!

    Special surplus charge

    Please note that a surplus charge of 30% of the total amount applies for express translations (24-hour-service) or translations requiring working over the weekend.

    Last update: March 2023