Translating or Interpreting?

    Wheras translations are the written rendering of a text, interpretations confer the meaning of an oral linguistic production.

    We mainly deal with translations.

    In this context we discern between “normal”, i.e. uncertified translations, certified translations and specialised translations.

    And in case it is urgend you can always use our express service.

    Did you know that translating is one of the oldest professions? Even in ancient times there were already translations. In those days, hovwever, mainly literary or philosophical texts were translated. In today’s gobal world translations have become indispensable in everyday life, particularly in the realms of trade, politics and law.
    If you require a translation please contact us. We will be more than happy to prepare and send your individual quote to you within one hour on average.

    When it comes to bringing different culutres together we are the experts!